Steel Hinge 3.0mm Heavy Duty – No.4




    The number 4 hinge is used to house the roller and join the fourth panel to the fifth panel from the ground.

    This is a heavy-duty version of the standard 2.0mm thick hinge and is made from 3.0mm steel making it 50% stronger.

    Universal sectional garage door hinge suitable for most pre-fingersafe sectional & panelift garage doors.

    Dimensions: 185mm long x 70mm wide

    Also a suitable direct replacement for obsolete CSI hinges as below

    CSI garage door hinge

    Please note

    The hinge number is usually engraved on your existing hinge or you can work it out by counting which panel it is on, listed from the bottom of the door (panel 1 ) upwards.  The middle hinges are always number 1’s.

    Garage door hinge internal

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    Additional information

    Weight .324 kg
    Dimensions 19 × 7 × 5 cm