*Single Garage Door Fire Retardant Brush Seal Kit


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    Please Note:
    These kits are for local pick-up only.

    These brush seal kits are designed to fit around the edges of your door and provide a barrier against ember attack in a bushfire situation.
    They have the added advantage of cutting down the amount of dust and leaf debris that can enter the garage as well as cushioning the door to reduce the noise from rattling.

    This single door seal kit consists of
    3 x 3000mm x 50mm Aluminium Extrusions
    3 x 3000mm x 25mm Fire Retardant Brush Seals
    This is enough to seal both sides and across the top of the door.

    The aluminium extrusion holds the brush at an angle of 55 degrees and is 50mm wide to allow for a variety of fixing options.
    The brushes themselves are rated to level UL94 V0 which means that the material will self-extinguish within 10 seconds and may not drip flaming particles.
    They are suitable for Bushfire Attack Levels up to BAL40