Merlin E8003 Add-On External Receiver


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    This Merlin Security+ 2.0 add on receiver uses their multi-frequency platform which aids in overcoming interference from other devices and improves remote range.

    The frequencies it receives on are 433.30MHz, 433.92MHz and 434.54MHz so if one of the frequencies is blocked it can receive another.

    It is compatible with merlin transmitters E960M, E970m, E964M & E148M

    It also has three channels for storage of multiple remotes on larger complexes.

    Each channel is compatible with a specified number of remote controls and keypads.

    • CH1: 50 remote controls and 2 keypads
    • CH2: 20 remote controls and 2 keypads
    • CH3: 20 remote controls and 2 keypads