Centurion G4 Curve Kit – Low Headroom – 1 Pair


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    Centurion G4 Curve Kit – Sold as a pair to suit right and left hand sides.

    Overall Dimensions: 385mm high x 362mm wide

    This kit is a suitable replacement for the low headroom G3 version which is identifiable by the absence of a steel bearing that holds the pole in place.

    This kit includes 2 curves, 2 bearings, 2 ramp sections and 4 bolts.

    The G3 track curve is no longer available.

    If you are converting a G3 system to a G4 system then we always recommend doing both the left and right curves for proper alignment to improve running performance.


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    Weight 2.2 kg
    Dimensions .400 × .400 × .120 cm