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The NEW Version of the BFT MITTO 4RCB 04  remote suitable for BFT gate automation systems, for control of automated gates or garage doors on the 433MHz frequency.

It is easily programmed from an existing remote or from the control board. The unit can be programmed in less than 30 seconds.

Now in their third generation, BFT ‘MITTO’ transmitters have evolved in to a smaller, more ergonomic casing. The circuit board and aerial have been modified for optimum range and a new 12v battery replaces the disc cells. Great range, Great looks, Tough case, Low price and Rolling code security. These uncomplicated, tough transmitters are very popular with installers and end users alike.

  • Mitto 4 Button Transmitter
  • Elegant design, little dimensions and multi-user capability are the key features of these remotes.
  • Bi-channel remotes, with self learning feature.
  • Dimensions: 68mm x 42mm x 15mm
  • Operating frequency 433.92 MHz Rolling Code
  • 1 x LR23A Lithium batteries included.
  • Rugged construction from ABS plastic.
  • It has 4 buttons, one for your gates and one for your garage door.

     The unit is supplied complete with batteries.

Fully compatible with the older versions of the BFT MITTO remotes.