ATA/B&D Trolley – Steel Rail




    This trolley is used on a variety of ATA & B&D sectional/tilt door operators that have a steel c-rail and is easily identified by the four wheels attached to the sides.
    The original version was red in colour and would often fade to look almost white.
    It is not suitable for use with the aluminium rail.

    Compatible with:
    ATA models – GDO-7v3, GDO-11 Ero, GDO-9 Dynamo, GDO-9 Enduro, ATS-2 Tempo, ATS-3 Syncro
    B&D models – SDO-2 CAD Advance, SDO-3 CAD S, SDO-4 Panel Pro, SDO-6 CAD Secure, SDO-7 CAD Smart, SDO-8 Panelmax

    Additional information

    Weight .120 kg
    Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm