ATA/B&D Trolley – Aluminium Rail




    This trolley is used on a variety of ATA & B&D sectional/tilt door operators that have an aluminium c-rail.
    The original version was red in colour and would often fade to look almost white.
    It is not suitable for use with the steel rail version.

    Compatible with:
    ATA models – GDO-7v3, GDO-11 Ero, GDO-9 Dynamo, GDO-9 Enduro, ATS-2 Tempo, ATS-3 Syncro
    B&D models – SDO-2 CAD Advance, SDO-3 CAD S, SDO-4 Panel Pro, SDO-6 CAD Secure, SDO-7 CAD Smart, SDO-8 Panelmax

    Additional information

    Weight .120 kg
    Dimensions 8 × 7 × 4 cm