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Different types of garage doors

Often we find some confusion from customers as to what type of door they have.

People tend to call all 3 types a “roller door” so we put this together with the help of one of our suppliers Centurion Garage Doors

There are 3 basic types of doors encountered in Western Australia

  1. The tilt door – These are made of 1 large panel that swings outwards and then upwards. They are generally not manufactured anymore but were installed in abundance in the 90’s and early 2000’s. We still stock a full range of tilt door parts to get yours running smoothly for years to come such as springs and power arms  as well as various different openers that are suitable for these doors such as the Jaytech 1200  
  2. Sectional doors – These have replaced tilt doors and come in a huge range of styles and colours and are made by a few manufacturers in Perth, namely Centurion and Steel Line Garage Doors being the biggest and best. We stock parts for all types and brands of sectional doors such as hinges, springs, wheels, cable and lots of other parts. Please see our catalogue here . They are generally made up of 4 or 5 panels with hinges in between. Sectional doors don’t swing outwards so you can park closer to them than a tilt door. They also have benefits such as not being so vulnerable to wind as a tilt door and are generally regarded as being safer. We have a complete range of openers suitable for these types of doors from manufacturers such as Jaytech and Merlin
  3. Roller Doors – These are still made and well suited to specific installations where a sectional door isn’t possible or practical. We have various openers to automate your roller door as well as a full set of parts for all of the different brands. Roller doors ‘roll up’ into a cylinder like you would roll up carpet.

We also stock a full range of remote controls for all types of openers. Even some really old, obscure models. Give us a call or come and see us in store for free expert advice and service .

Centurion Garage Doors put together this short video to help explain how to identify the door you have.